Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Word of the Month: #Happy

In honor of April and our word of the month, here are some things that make me #happy

10 things about life that make me #happy:

  1. Monday nights when Nico (my 12 year old daughter) makes dinner
  2. The peonies that just bloomed in my yard  #favoriteflower
  3. A cappucino
  4. That my children don’t have lice anymore
  5. All the new babies in my community – I get to see one every day!
  6. Spotify- crazy #happy
  7. Hiking with Toney (our 14 month old puppy)
  8. Good Earth market and Rustic Bakery (my two favorite places for food)
  9. A glass of wine (or a little tequila) at the end of a long day
  10.  Fresh flowers on the table

11 things about my TDM practice that make me #happy (because when writing I couldn't stop being happy)!

  1. The three minutes at the end where I can soften, breathe and be still
  2. Standing single leg lifts – I love how one exercise works to strengthen my seat, knees and spine while toning my quadriceps
  3. Kneeling seat work - my favorite of them all!
  4. The new green balls - I love how they improve my alignment while challenging my inner thigh muscles
  5. Neutral spine plank with mudslides - a combination of spinal alignment education and a core stability challenge #efficiency
  6. Spinal extension exercises – because we all need better back body strength
  7. That TDM is always a “practice” so it’s new and different with every class I take
  8. Helping students and teachers with shoulder stabilization and alignment - a practice that so many people need to feel good in their bodies
  9. The joy and passion that Dailey Method teachers have about their job
  10.  The interval class - especially when it’s over J
  11.  That I get to teach and take what I love to do almost everyday

What makes you #happy?

-- Jill

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